Overcoming USCIS Error: A Tale of Persistence in the Green Card Process

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Overcoming USCIS Error: A Tale of Persistence in the Green Card Process


For individuals seeking to establish their lives and careers in the United States, obtaining a green card is a vital step towards achieving that goal. One of Heckler Law Group’s clients, hailing from India, was no exception. He and his wife aspired to remain in the U.S., and for him to continue his professional pursuits.


A Series of Doors: The Green Card Process

The green card process can be likened to walking through a series of doors, with each step leading towards permanent residency in the U.S. The client began his green card journey with Heckler Law Group in 2006. Over the next several years, they proceeded through three distinct stages, each requiring precise adherence to specific procedures.


A Long Wait and a Setback

After reaching the last stage of the process and having been in the “queue” for a green card for many years, just when it was anticipated that the client’s green card application was due to be processed and approved, a denial of the application was received in July 2022 instead.  Although Heckler Law Group immediately determined that the denial was due to a USCIS error, this news naturally caused much anxiety and grief to the client and his spouse.


Swift Action to Correct a USCIS Error

The Heckler Law Group was able to explain to the client that it was evident that USCIS had wrongly denied his application due to their overlooking certain factors relevant to the client’s eligibility to apply for the green card. Time was of the essence as USCIS decisions can only be appealed within a short window. Understanding USCIS policies and procedures, as well as exactly what USCIS had overlooked, Heckler Law Group was able to promptly prepare and file a Motion to Reconsider the USCIS decision. 


Knowing the Regulations to Get it Right

Successfully rectifying a USCIS error requires a deep understanding of immigration regulations and procedures. Heckler Law Group’s expertise in this area played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Motion was accurately crafted and presented. Filing an error-free Motion was imperative because an improperly filed one could result in its rejection or denial, potentially resulting in the client having to leave the U.S. and return to his home country.


Triumphant Resolution of the USCIS Error

In August 2022, Heckler Law Group submitted the Motion to rectify USCIS’s mistake. After a period of anxious waiting for the client, the news they had longed for arrived in May 2023—a notification confirming the approval of the Motion. A mere few weeks later, the client finally received his green card, solidifying his position in the U.S. and granting him the security and peace of mind he had sought for so many years.

Thanks to the diligence and expertise of Heckler Law Group, the client and his wife can now confidently establish their lives and careers in the U.S., with the assurance of a brighter future ahead.

In yet another case of USCIS error during the green card process, a client from India found himself entangled in a prolonged and distressing journey.  However, with the assistance of Heckler Law Group, his story is also one of resilience and hope, as he inches closer to achieving his dream.


The Long and Winding Road: A Delayed Start

This second client’s quest for a green card began in 2011, when he enlisted the services of Heckler Law Group. However, due to the long wait for an available immigrant visa, the client was in limbo for almost a decade. It wasn’t until 2020 that he was finally moved forward in the process.


A Crushing Blow: The Denial

In August 2022, the client’s green card application was unexpectedly denied. The news was devastating to both the client and his spouse.


Unraveling the USCIS Error: Heckler Law Group’s Intervention

Refusing to accept defeat, Heckler Law Group meticulously examined the case and promptly discovered that USCIS had made a mistake. The client was, in fact, eligible to file his application, and the denial was an error on USCIS’s part. Armed with the facts of the case, the legal team set out to rectify the situation. 


The Arduous Path to Reopening the Case

Filing an appeal requires expertise in immigration laws and procedures. Heckler Law Group took on the challenge and, again, promptly filed a Motion to Reconsider. After a wait of eight long months, USCIS approved the Motion and the client’s green card application was reopened.


Continuing the Mission

Both of these clients’ green card journeys are testaments to the challenges many individuals face while navigating the USCIS system. They underscore the significance of having competent and speedy legal representation like Heckler Law Group, who diligently advocate for their clients’ rights and rectify errors made by USCIS.

Are you in need of support as you navigate the green card process? Contact us to book your free case evaluation, so you can continue your U.S. immigration journey in the most efficient way possible.

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