CBP’s Simplified Arrival Program and Mobile Applications

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CBP’s Simplified Arrival Program and Mobile Applications


In a transformative move, the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has fully implemented the Simplified Arrival program across all U.S. airports. This cutting-edge initiative leverages technology to streamline international arrival processes, marking a significant shift toward a paperless system. One notable aspect is the stampless entry, a part of Simplified Arrival aimed at enhancing the entry documentation process.


Decoding Stampless Entry

The Shift from Ink Stamps


As a component of the broader Simplified Arrival program, CBP has stopped using traditional ink entry stamps in passports to record entry into the U.S. Instead, foreign nationals now rely on electronic I-94s to verify their authorized duration of stay.


Documenting Entries

With stampless entry, travelers must use their electronic I-94 alongside CBP travel history as evidence of entries and exits from the U.S. It’s a paradigm shift requiring a reliance on digital records.


Ensuring Accuracy in Electronic Records

Addressing Errors

While electronic travel history and Form I-94 records are crucial, errors can occur. Travelers experiencing discrepancies can rectify them through the local deferred inspection process or the centralized Traveller Communication Center (TCC) via the “Ask a Question” web page.


Paper I-94s for Specific Cases

The elimination of paper Form I-94s has presented challenges for certain statuses like T and U visa applicants. Despite safety concerns, CBP inconsistently issues paper I-94s to these individuals. A system enhancement is in progress to address this issue, but applicants are encouraged to proactively request paper Form I-94s from supervisors in the interim.


Mobile Applications Transforming Travel

CBP’s Mobile Apps Directory

CBP has introduced a suite of mobile applications aimed at streamlining various documentation and admission processes. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences to the AILA CBP/OFO Liaison Committee.


Key Mobile Apps

CBP One: Facilitates I-94 applications, land border wait time checks, and appointments at Southwest Border land ports of entry.


CBP Roam (Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile): Allows remote reporting of arrival for pleasure boaters and eligible travelers.


CBP Border Wait Times (BWT): Provides estimated wait times at U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico land borders.


Mobile Passport Control: Allows U.S. and Canadian citizens to submit passport information for expedited entry.


myCBP: Access to CBP information, including Frontline magazine, public messages, and social media posts.


Global Entry Mobile App: Enables active Global Entry members to report arrival at supported airports.


ESTA Mobile App: Simplifies ESTA applications for Visa Waiver Program travelers.


Privacy Considerations

Before downloading any app, it is crucial to review privacy policies, so you understand how your information is being collected and used.


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Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services


Release Date: 1/2/2024


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